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Stretch Marks

Let's start off by getting a simple and basic description of "stretch marks."  (By the way:  This site is not intended to inform or replace medical advice, treatments, etc.  We just want to share common folk (layman) information.) 
Stretch marks are usually caused by scarring of the skin due to tearing and/or fast growth during pregnancy, weight training, puberty, gaining weight, and losing weight. The stretched skin will have noticeable discoloration marks becoming pink, red, white, or purplish and sometimes a combination.  Their is generally no pain but horrible itching and tingling sensations.  The funny colors and itching gradually get better over time.  The parts of the body most commonly affected are large and soft areas such as stomach, upper arms, buttocks, thighs, and breasts.  The stretched skin with the "scratch marks" will probably never be the same ever again but the hope is to fade and remove the stretch marks as best as possible.  Some quick and common tips usually shared among sufferers:  drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated, use moisturizers, use proven creams, eat healthy to speed-up healing process and use vitamin E.  Of course Doctors will tell us that the only thing that works is laser treatments, tummy tucks, and other expensive procedures.  Ouch.  The good news is that most people have them and can relate with the skin issues...
Now, for some inspiration, check out Gisele Bundchen's video below.  She recently had a baby and is looking just as stunning as ever.  Mrs. Tom Brady seems to be stretch mark free.
Maybe they disappeared with help from some skin cream?